Cover Plate

Roll of green unfired Cover Plate Tape

Problems with warping during firing? Cover Plate Tape from Maryland Tape Casting can help.

In addition to the custom tapes that are supplied to many of our customers, Maryland Tape Casting also supplies an alumina tape for use as a cover/setter plate. This is a 99+% alumina tape that is formulated with a coarse-grained powder and a high organic content.
The tape is first pre-fired at the desired sintering temperature and then co-fired in stacks above and below the specified green tape. The tape is supplied in rolls up to 25 feet in length with width and thickness specified by the customer. The typical thickness of the green cover plate tape is 1 mm. Instructions for use and the firing schedule are included with each shipment.

Custom cover plate tapes using other powders are also available. Some development work may be necessary for custom cover plate tapes.  Furthermore, pre-fired cover plate are also available and made to order.

YSZ tape fired without cover plate

YSZ tape fired with porous alumina cover plates on top