Tape Casting is one of a number of forming or fabrication methods. Here is why Maryland Tape Casting may be beneficial for your R&D or manufacturing process.

Tape casting can provide you with high quality, large-area, thin, flat, sheets of green (unfired) material. The surface can be very smooth and uniform when fine powders are combined with a good organic recipe. The ideal tapes are strong and tough, yet elastic and flexible enough to be rolled for easy handling and storage. Tapes are very easy to shape by cutting or blanking to the desired specifications. Many thin tapes are easy to laminate with heat and pressure to form thicker parts. High production rates can be used with tape casting due to the use of heat treatment of slurry during casting.

Several binder systems are used in tape fabrication and depend on the material, application and firing conditions. The binders enable clean burnout under oxidizing, reducing or inert heating environments. The binder is the backbone of any tape, so the type and amount used is critical in tape formulation.

Maryland Tape Casting assists customers with slurry formulation and optimization of green tape. If you are interested in green tape, blanks or custom parts, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. If you are having trouble casting an existing tape recipe or are looking to increase your tape volumes, Maryland Tape Casting may be able to help.